Awkwardness in taking landscape pictures in DTTG

I am now using DTTG a lot more capturing information when mobile, after having solved the sync issues I faced for a while.

Now I have found a real weirdness in how DTTG uses the camera to take pictures to import them into DEVONthink.

Pictures are worth a thousand words.

1- this is the Apple camera app taking pictures in portrait mode, note the orientation of the icons:

2- This is same Apple camera app in landscape mode, look at the icons and NOT the text to see that you are effectively in landscape mode, and note that the button does NOT change position:

3- this is DTTG camera in portrait mode:

4- and here is the weirdness… how can I take a picture when the shooting button changes position and gets far from where I keep my fingers while holding the iDevice?

Am I the only one who thinks this is awkward, and it should be fixed by keeping the same behavior as the Apple camera app, which happens to also be very much ergonomic in terms of usability?

Is it possible that I am the only person using the camera in DTTG? How come no one has found this odd, yet?

Many thanks for any comments you might have.

Bye, Luca

EDIT: since there have been a few upset answers and deleted replies, which were nonetheless helpful for the discussion, I edited some of my messages and included, in anonymous form, the contributions made, for which I thank the user.

Original message, deleted by the author, who shall remain anonymous:

This is kind of strange. You can work around it by [locking orientation]( on the phone before taking pictures. This will keep the button in the orientation you’re looking for. As far as the image orientation: YMMV.

My reply:

Thanks for your answer.

I don’t see why I should be forced to lock the phone orientation just to take a single picture. Nice workaround, but very much suboptimal.

You say YMMV to the shooting button position, I presume. So you must be quite upset with Apple putting the button in the “wrong“ spot when taking pictures in landscape mode, I presume.

My point is that of graphical consistency between the underlying OS basic functions, such that of, and an application running on the same OS.

Worst case, there should be a configuration switch where the user might select what position he or she wants the button to be.

Yet, I quite like the rationale Apple uses in, and it strikes me as odd that DTTG went a completely other way with the placement of the button.

My 2 rappen…

Bye, Luca

Or, just use the Apple Camera and save the photos into DEVONthink?

far too many keypresses, and I quite like the fact that the location of where the picture is taken is added as title of the note, which is synced immediately to DEVONthink sync location.

And the picture taken in DEVONthink is NOT stored in the iCloud synced photo stream, and rather kept only within DEVONthink, which is a big plus.

That does seem weird and understand your point.

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well, you were at my answer, so much so that you deleted your perfectly valid suggestion.

A suggestion which I appreciated, but found more cumbersome, that’s it.

So tell me, how do you like where the button is in landscape mode? Is it better where it is now on DTTG, or is it better in Apple’s

I will keep my reply, since yours allowed me to add a reflection or two. And I like discussions, even though I might disagree with the person with whom I am discussing.

Many thanks,


wow! Looks like you guys have a very thin skin, huh?

Can we agree that we can have different ideas, and it’s OK to share our points of view and to NOT feel threatened by the way other people answer?

I am quite surprised to see these behaviours. Go figure.

Bye, Luca

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Thanks for these two points - I have previously taken the route via the camera app, and wasn’t actively aware of those advantages, which are noteworthy. As far as the original question is concerned, having the button in the „standard“ - that is Apple - location would seem more logical to me. Can you take a picture in DTTG using one of the volume buttons? (Edit: no, you can’t)

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you’re right, I forgot that there is also that option in

By far NOT the way I’d like to take a picture, though, so the fact that you tested it and that it doesn’t work in DTTG makes no difference to the way I use the camera in DTTG.

Thanks for your contribution, much appreciated!

IMO it would have been more ergonomic than the available alternative in this case. But as it doesn’t work it’s academic, I must admit :wink:

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Development would have to look into this.

Thanks Jim, appreciate your reply.

Do I need to follow up in any way, or does this forum thread serve the purpose of providing the correct context to the developers, @BLUEFROG?



I have filed an improvement request and referenced this thread. That should suffice in this case. Thanks!

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I was interested to read that you writing that does not automatically refer the thread to development - I have wondered about that since I’ve been around these forums. The wording is always identical, so it could have been a trigger. But you filing a report makes more sense, I guess :nerd_face:

There are things we pass along via Support, chats, emails, etc., depending on the situation.