"Back" and "Forward" buttons/arrows/controls take me to random documents/databases/smart rules

Something suddenly went drastically wrong with the “Back” and “Forward” controls (arrows). Instead of taking me back to the previous viewed document, the UI takes me to a document viewed previously in another database.
I tried rebuilding and optimizing, and it did not help.
I tried closing the database that the UI was taking me to, and then the “Back” button instead took me to the contents of a smart rule.
I then closed all the databases, and re-opened only one of them. Now the “Back” button takes me to the Inbox, no matter how many documents I have gone through by Wikilink.
I have separately opened each database, and the queer behavior has infected all of them.

OK, I just realized that I was hitting the buttons in the “Main” or “List” window, instead of the Document Window.

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Correct. One navigate the documents, the other Navigate locations.