Back button after follow hyperlink

I have DT3 3.0.3
When following hyperlinks in text documents (rtf or markdown) I observe the following behaviour:
I click on the link to a pdf document in the database and the document gets displayed. The scroll position is at the top. So far so good.
Now when I click the back button (or use the keyboard shorcut), I am not taken back to the original document, but the pdf scrolls to the middle position.
When I click back a second time I am taken back to the original document.
See screenshots below.
I am not sure if this is intended bahavior or a bug?! I would expect that I am taken back to the original document after clicking back one time.

Which version of macOS do you use and how many pages does the PDF document have? Thanks.

The next maintenance release will fix this.

You already said it will be fixed, so I guess my answer is probably not needed, but I’ll give it anyway just case it adds some benefit.
I am using 10.14.6.
It seems to happen independently of the number of pages of the document. I have tried with a few single page and multi page documents.
Thanks for looking into it!