Back into the fray

I have been around for awhile, but lost my way in the fog of brain injury following a severe stroke.

I am slowly rebuilding my life and hope to get back into using DEVONthink for my research.

Life in rural upstate New York is tough for a disabled person with innumerable medical needs, so I hopped a plane and flew down to Jacksonville FL where I have family.

To the business at hand, my nephew just entered graduate school for nuclear medicine and I’d like to introduce him to the Devon Technology constellation of tools. Those who might remember me would know my main use of these tools was genealogy. Academically, I majored in history as an undergraduate. I’d welcome any pointers from those of you in medical research so I might pass them on to my nephew.

I look forward to reentering this community and revisiting threads I participated in long ago. For the time being, I have no access to a computer, let alone one up-to-date enough to run DEVONthink 3.

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Welcome back and we’re glad to hear you’re in an environment with plenty of love and support (and much better weather!). :slight_smile:

Hey! Great to hear a familiar voice.

This has been one hell of a journey, but I still have plenty of fight left.

I didn’t like how my memoir was ending, so I took drastic action long before the draft was set to paper.

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I now have a laptop running Catalina with DEVONthink 3.

Very nice - enjoy it! :slight_smile: