Back-links no longer working??

Hello all,

I haven’t been as active on the forum of late, so forgive me if I missed this in the cursory search – not sure if this is a known-issue?

My wikilinks appear to be partially broken, and I’m wondering what my options are.

In PDFs where I used the built-in function [Data/New From Template/Annotation], the link that appears below the toolbar in those PDFs, works as expected - taking me to the annotation that was created.

However, from the annotation RTF, where the blue-link appears at the top (“Click here to view annotated document”), I am met with the OS “denied” sound when I try and click back.

Similarly, wikilinks created within that RTF (using some of the user-created custom scripts - e.g.PDF Bookmark script(?)) are not functioning.

I have tried on Annotations dating back to 2013, that obviously have been working since then, and more recently-created annotations – with no difference.

As per this thread, I recently moved over to a new Mac, and transferred my DBs: [url]Idiot's guide to moving Indexed DB?]

I thought this might have something to do with the issue, until I opened up my former DBs on the old Mac (that I must still wipe), and saw that they are not working there either. :unamused:

Running DTPO 2.9.12 and macOS 10.12.5, all updated.

Anyone else seeing this?
Any suggestions?

If you hover over the link in the Annotation, you should see a tooltip with the link and also a Go > … in the bar above. Are you not seeing this?
Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 12.43.58 PM.png

Thanks Jim - to “Go >…” appears in the bar about, NOT the tooltip - so no evidence of the ‘x-devonthink-item’ link… :confused:

Strange… I just double-checked with the public build on 10.12.5 and I don’t see any issue here. Neither in the Global Inbox or a separate database.

Does this persist after a machine reboot?

I will reboot the new machine now and check, but as mentioned - the same is evident in my ‘original’ DBs over on my prior Mac. Everything there is unchanged, as it has always been – I simply copied the DBs over to the new machine.

EDIT: Just checked, no change after the reboot.

Does it work after opening all your databases?

Nope - have all my DBs open with no apparent change.

Tried a whole bunch of them in my Annotations’ smart folders, across various DBs.

Fortunately, it now appears that many do still work. Presumably they always did, and I was just lucking out in clicking on those that didn’t, when I popped up my query last week.

There does not appear to be a discernible pattern in explaining those that don’t. Will keep digging to see what I can find.