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In the Cilpping tutorial:

Question: On Clipping item no. 7 “Web Archives vs. PDFs” – there’s a secreen shot but no indication where such a choice can be made, on what menu it appears, etc.

A little help please.

Thank you,


On the download disk image for DT Pro or DT Pro Office there’s a folder named Extras. Inside Extras there a Bookmarklets folder, and one of the bookmarklets can be placed on the Bookmarks bar of Safari (and several other browsers) and will enable one-click capture of the WebArchive of the viewed page to the database.

Capture as WebArchive is also a contextual menu option in DEVONagent.

For DT Pro or DTPO, there’s a global Scripts menu item to capture a page as a WebArchive.

For DT Pro or DTPO one can ‘print’ and capture as PDF from the File > Print menu by clicking on the PDF button in the Print panel and choosing Save to DEVONthink Pro.scpt.

Thank you, Bill.

It was this I referred to: … rials.html

I don’t see image presented at this URL anywhere.


That image is of the choices presented after this scenario:

A printable document is viewed;
The command File > Print has been invoked;
The PDF button on the Print panel has been clicked.

So, that is the image you were referring to in your previous note. Gotcha.