Back up to iCloud in the future?

With the recent pricing changes of iCloud, and the implementation of iCloud Drive, I was wondering if DevonThink would have an option in the near future to back up databases to iCloud? Would seem like a viable option now, unless iCloud still has some strictness of its usage, unlike Dropbox.

Hi. You can backup your files wherever you like. Do you mean syncing through i Cloud? It’s still a bit pricey for my liking, but the more options, the better.

If “back up to iCloud” also means “so I can open my database from iCloud” or “so I can save a database from DEVONthink to iCloud” then be careful. DEVONthink databases are file packages – like a folder – with numerous subfolders and files combined in the package. The first time a package (i.e., a database) is sent to iCloud, the whole thing is sent, but for subsequent saves “iCloud optimizes future transfers to and from devices. Instead of sending the entire file or file package each time it changes, iCloud sends only the metadata and the pieces that changed” (according to Apple). This sounds great and efficient, but if there’s any interruption of this process your database might be corrupted.

So, if you backup to iCloud make sure the database is closed. Zip it. And save the zipped database to iCloud. Backup entire databases. Never save an unzipped database to the iCloud folder on your laptop or desktop. Never open a database from the iCloud folder.