Backblaze as a syncstore?

I’m looking into comparing storing a syncstore in various cloud offerings. In the not so distant past I used Box with webdav, but I have abandoned Box since they dropped webdav.
Dropbox doesn’t work anymore for me since they limited to 3 devices for the free tier.

I’ve long been interested in Backblaze from another side, mainly due to their public sharing of harddrive experience.
Does anyone use Backblaze B2 cloud storage as a syncstore?

I am particularly interested in how you would convey the Backblaze B2 bucket information to Devonthink’s sync preferences in view of Backblaze’s use of bucketName, keys, keyID, keyName etc.

Thanks for helping out!

Does this service support WebDAV? Otherwise it’s not usable in DEVONthink.

Thanks for replying Christian.

Alas, plenty of connecting ways but no WebDav.

As a suggestion:
I have long refrained from working with Backblaze because of their typical, at least to me, “always doing things differently”… (and hence slightly more complicated)

But I have always been an admirer of how Backblaze leverages technology in their offering.

But maybe this would be an idea:
I think on the Devontechnologies’level Devontech could leverage this (Backblaze have an API) with which this must be possible I believe. Unfortunately it will take a minimum of programming knowledge (JSON) that I consider above my head.

Certainly in view of recent comments on Devontechnologies changing of licensing and pricing scheme. If Devontechnologies would incorporate e.g. its “own” cloud syncstore offering, I estimate there would definitely be an interest amongst Devonthink users.

Instead of needing to do everything himself, with all difficulty and drawback inherent, they could then use the Devontechnologies B2 Cloud, backed by Backblaze.

It is not written anywhere to my knowing, but I believe the “Synology Cloud Services” are built upon Backblaze B2 Cloud…

Just my 2 cents…