Background and Text Colours in Full Screen Mode

As far as I can see, in the Beta version of DT Pro the background and text colouring in Full Screen mode doesn’t work.

As far as i see it works well with plain-text-files, not with rtf - but thats logical…

Ooops, there is indeed a little bug:
I changed the full-screen text color in the preferences from green to yellow: now all my plain-text-files are yellow in the normal split screen view too! but it can be repaired by changing the text color in the menu…

Just play with it until it breaks, kids. Keep backups! :smiley:

Seriously, if you come up with some useful suggestions we’d like to hear them.

Sorry to bring this back up, but the problem described above seems to still be there in DTP 1.1.1.

Actually, the problem is manifesting itself in several different ways:

  1. Set focus on a plain text item in 3-pane-view, so it is displayed in the bottom right pane. Then open the dialog for changing the label colors, click on one of the buttons and the color picker opens. I tried this using the crayons. Click on a crayon. The selected label color changes, but also the font color of the note that should still be visible in the background.

  2. Open preferences and change the colors for full-screen view. Close preferences. After switching to full-screen view and back the font color of plain text notes is screwed up.

  3. In both scenarios I tried to switch the font color of plain text notes back to black. Selected the note in 3-pane-view, opened color picker and selected black (licorice). The font color changed accordingly, but once I move focus to another item and back to the plain text note, the color is back to what is was (light blue, as far as I can see…). Amazingly though, after doing this a couple of times, suddenly the plain text font color is back to black and stays that way. I haven’t been able to pin this down to a specific action or order of actions, it seems kind of random.

Am I messing something up here? Reading that this sort of behaviour already occurred back in june '05 with the beta tells me the problem isn’t really fixed yet…

Thanks in advance

I can’t seem to set text/background color independently for fullscreen and plain text. Rich text seems OK.

I also have problems just setting the colors appropriately. When I click on the Background and Text buttons, and try setting background and text using the color picker, strange things happen. Then there’s the font selector. I can attempt to set the color for plain text or fullscreen by using it instead of using the text/background buttons, but pretty much get the same results.

I’m thinking that having those buttons on the preference page is confusing at best, and broken at worst.

I started playing with devonthink today, and I am really keen on writing text using full screen mode (currently I use CopyWrite for this). It seems to work well for text files, but for RTF just shows the file and hides the rest of the windows. It would be quite nice to have a consistent behaviour when using full screen, independently if one is working with plain text or RTF.

I second the issue of full-screen mode for plain text behaving differently from RTF text.

A workaround is of course changing RTF settings to those you want for full-screen. Just too bad the default settings in app prefs do not allow selection of background and font color, you have to change them for each new note.

And this is also flawed:

I tried to change the background color of an RTF note, but DTP kept changing the text color instead. Checking the “Background” box didn’t result in any change either.

If you use the preview pane in the font selector (CMD+T) you can see that DTP does not treat the font settings correctly, as this preview and DTP view differ.