Background Indexing & Syncing

Hi there,

I’m curious if there’s a way to have DTTG index and synchronize in the background, of a locked device? I have some rather large databases, and when I add them (via WedDev), they sync and index, as expected. However, if I don’t constantly keep my iPhone “awake”, the sync or index stops, and doesn’t resume (or start over?) until I unlock my device. It would be great to allow the synchronizing and indexing to continue to run, in the background, with the application in the foreground, while the device locked. Can this be done?



No, it cannot be done. And iOS will terminate any background process after a short time, all on its own.

So curiously, why are some apps able to constantly run in the background? I’ve noticed that DTTG doesn’t appear in “background task”. Why is that?

(What I’ve done is disabled the screen from auto-locking, which appears to be allowing the database to sync.)

Which apps? I am not aware of any that can transfer even relatively small amounts of data reliably after the OS kills them a few seconds after they’re backgrounded.

Where do you look this up?