Background syncing never work and starting DT Go always on "input folder"

What is the reason why

  • background refresh never works (since years !) even though the option is enabled in settings on iPhones & iPads ?
  • every time DT is started on the iPad, the input folder is always called up and not the last opened folder ?

In practice, the problem with the background update in particular often leads to really long waiting times before you finally get the necessary data you are looking for.


Apple limits the time an app can run in the background. Since ages, too.

this statement is not entirely correct: see Apples Background Strategies
especially the function " BGProcessingTask" in combination with a scheduler

We already do use exactly this. But we’ll give this a second look as there might be room for improvement.


But it’s not entirely incorrect either. The OS does still control Background App Refresh and applications requesting aren’t guaranteed to get what they want in the way they want it. In fact, an app has an allotment of time from the OS it needs to spend judiciously.

Remember: The importance of battery life on a mobile device is Apple’s primary focus.

Apple’s priorities are known.The optimization algorithms automatically prevent overloads.
DT also offers a checkbox in the user control settings. There you could control the starting of background processes depending on the user.

The solution may not be perfect, but Apple currently does not allow a more optimal solution. So it’s not worth waiting for “anything”.
But the current situation is definitely unsatisfactory.