Backing Up the Database

I just tried to back up my database, but I used a script Export > Daily Backup Archive. When I clicked that option, I received a message: “Devonthink Pro. Database is damaged.” Please help! I am concerned about this message. Everything seems to be working fine, but why am I a receiving this message?

I backup with TimeMachine only. I have not made a habit to make other kinds of backups on external drives because I forgot how to do them.

It’s good you’re using TimeMachine (and it generally is backing up to an external drive). Do you receive this message when you do a Tools > Verify & Repair?
Where on your machine is the database located?

I just did the Verify and Repair, and clicked on Repair, too. I received a message that only one error is left.

This was the result before the repair: Found 0 inconsistencies, 0 incorrect checksums, 1 missing and 3 orphaned files.

The database is saved in the home folder on my MacBook Air.

I would initiate a TimeMachine backup then do a Tools > Rebuild Database on it.

Thanks! I am in the process of backing up with Time Machine now. In the meantime, how can I make a copy of the database to save on an external hard drive. I did that once or twice, but do not remember the procedure.

A simple way: you could Option-drag the .dtBase2 file in the Finder, from its current location to the external drive.

Thanks again. I closed the database in the Home folder and option-dragged it into the external hard drive. Now it’s being copied. May I open the main database and work in it while it is being copied?

If you mean the database not being copied, then you should be fine.