Backlinking request

Hi again

Another request - what i call backlinking.

Lets say I have a link in document A to document B. When I click the link i am transported to document B. All fine and dandy. Having read Document B i would like to pop back to where i came from, i.e in this case to Document A. It would be nice with a keyboard shortcut or something that automatically takes you back where you came from.

Yes i could make a reciprocal link in Document B. The problem arises when i might have links to document B from several different other documents. Document B would then have contain many such “reciprocal” links.

In my situation I have “cases” that apply as reference to many different clients (read documents) hence a particular case may be referenced by say a 100 files.


The keyboard shortcut Command-[ will take you back. Command-] to go forward.

There are the next and previous arrows in the little document toolbar but I prefer cmd-[ (previous) and cmd-] (next) which work in most mac applications.

Thanks, I’d missed that. However using ] works badly on a laptop - i cnt actually get it to work, however the menu works fine.

Thanks for the tip