Backup and Restore Indexed Database

I have just changed some of Databases from imported to indexed. (by exporting Files and Folders, creating new DBs and indexing the exported Files and Folders).

Now thinking about backup and restore strategy. Obviously it is necessary to backup the indexed masters, but how does a restore of an all indexed database work? Can it reconnect with the restored masters? Or is it simpler to just create new indexed databases?

Bottom line, is there any point in backing up indexed databases?


Assuming that the masters are the indexed files/folders, then it might be sufficient just to restore the database if all required indexed files/folders exist already, are up to date and not damaged. Otherwise restoring (some) indexed files/folders would be necessary too.

Thanks. I am assuming a disaster scenario where the original masters and indexed databases are both lost. So the original masters would not already exist. I would restore the masters to the same location from a backup, and could restore the indexed DBs from backup as well, but would the restored indexed databases reconnect? Would File > Update Indexed items cause reconnection?

If the files/folders are restored to the same path and have the same name, then that’s sufficient.

Thanks very much…so I will backup the indexed DBs then.