Backup: Don't freeze application while backing up


every new day, the first time I use devonthink (which is always open), usually to type in a quick note - it takes forever to respond to my first command (create new note), spinning the beachball for ages. And longer and longer time each day.

it is pretty annoying, i’ve started opening textedit and typing notes in there while waiting because by the time devonthink is done devonthinking my mind is way off to something else :slight_smile: but after this first lengthy delay everything is snappy and normal.

I think this is because it makes the daily backup the first time you do an action on a new date? And this backup process locks the application?

could it be possible to have the backup routine (or whatever happens) happen in the background, so i could still do my work? Or perhaps it run when the machine is idle. This problem will only get bigger and bigger.