Backup failed (after a lot of troubles)

When using the script Daily Backup Archive I get the message: Backup failed.
Konsole says: 05.08.09 12:54:34 [0x0-0x36036].com.devon-technologies.thinkpro2[347] zip error: Zip file structure invalid (/Users/ursulaimacg5/Backup/DEVONthinkiMacG5

Despite this message I have a .zip file in my Backup folder in Documents, with 2,17 GB. The database package in Finder is 4,83 GB, Files.noindex 3,38 GB. Showing database properties says this same database has more than 10 GB. I suppose, something is going wrong. :confused:

I checked the HardDisk (no problems found), repaired permissions, Verify and Repair does not report any error, rebuilt the database, rebuilt spotlight. Always the same: Backup failed.

Could it be that the Daily Backup Archive did not fail? How large should it be? Why are database properties showing more than 10 GB for this database?

I have to start TM Backups from scratch (I had a lot of troubles with Time Machine after deleting old DT.1 databases) so I want to be sure, that the DT.2 databases are OK.

Thank you for helping.


No answer? I’m really in trouble, cannot use my main database, don’t know how to repair it and have no backups anymore. (TimeMachine went completely out of order and cannot be rebuilt).

Are there some informations missing, so anybody could try to help?

The database is probably fine, use Tools > Verify & Repair to be sure. For some reason zipping of the database failed but DEVONthink doesn’t do this on its own and therefore I don’t know what’s going on. Are you able to zip the database via the Finder?

Before finding this thread, I posted something very similar here

Exactly the same symptoms, same type of console messages and now that I’ve tried it, no problems at all zip’ing via Finder.

I had responded to s.hoffman’s post on that other thread that I couldn’t replicate the issue.

Anyone else having this problem?

I did use Verify & Repair every time before running the script, there were no errors. I also rebuilt the database. I’ve been able to zip the database via Finder, including all backups.

I’ve been away from my computer today, will check the HD tomorrow again with DiskWarrior. There have been some errors on DT files, but I was in a hurry yesterday and did not have time to check exactly, what kind of errors and how to delete these files.

I’m able to run the Daily Backup Archive Script for my other databases, but they are much smaller than this one.

I have this problem since upgrading to Beta 6, with OS 10.5.7 and 10.5.8.