Backup icloud


Hello, sorry for raising question again. I read a previous post, explaining about backup and sync. It is saying that the sync function isn’t same for backup. If I am using dttg only with iPad device, not using Mac desktop version, there is no way to back up the database and the docs, e.g. if my iPad is stolen or broken. I didn’t expect this… not sufficient research before buying it, my fault. Though I agree that it is great app.

As I see iCloud backup option in setting. I wonder how I should see it as setting a iCloud sync store. If I set iCloud backup, does it mean that when I back up my iPad, the things in dttg will be backup, so when I restore backup to new iPad or an existing one, all database and their original file will be there, still?

Pls advise, thank you.


Backup to iCloud is not a sync. It is just backing up the application and app data to iCloud, just as many other apps do. It is intended for restoring a device, not restoring specific items.
And while sync is not a backup, for DEVONthink To Go, it can serve that purpose to some degree. However, it’s not a true backup as backups are generic and the data shouldn’t rely on one application. Our sync data is only useful for DEVONthink or DEVONthink To Go.