Backup suggestion

I’m new to this whole DT thing and I think I like it. I’ve got a suggestion for it though: the ability to backup the database AND the files linked within it. So, I’ve got my dissertation materials organized in DT and I want to back up all my drafts, data and articles at once, in addition to the DT db. I’d like to be able just to select “backup” and it backs up to my external media automatically. Is this possible?

Also, support for organizing non-“readable” material would be great. I don’t think DT supports .sav files (SPSS data files), but I’d like to be able to use it to keep track of these files. Am I missing something with this, or are non-readable materials not imported? Thanks.

edit: figured out my second suggestion. d’oh!

I make backups by creating ZIP archives of the ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink directory hierarchy (using the "Create Archive of …" contextual menu function, then renaming and moving them) and exporting certain documents from the database.

Thanks for the suggestion. Version 2.0 will probably backup referenced files too (e.g. images not copied to the database or links pointing to external files).

Ohhh… I misunderstood what torifile meant by “the files linked within it” so my help wasn’t particularly helpful.