Bad request when capturing PDF after login

Hi, In DT3 I have a bookmark saved that points to a PDF on my work intranet. I click the bookmark and I login which then pulls up the PDF. I right-click and capture pdf. The result is a “Bad Request.” Any suggestions on how to fix this? Thanks.

Did you capture a single page or paginated PDF? And is the bad request shown in the bookmark view or in the created PDF?

When I right click, it only has capture pdf as an option. I think the url includes the %20 for space. Could that be why it’s a bad request?

This shouldn’t be an issue, e.g. I just added this to the inbox, opened the bookmark, clicked on the link for DEVONthink’s PDF manual which includes %20 in the URL and successfully captured it. Which version of DEVONthink and macOS do you use?

I’ve tried both paginated and single page. It’s something behind a login wall.

MacOS 10.14.6
DT 3.5.2

Did you try printing to PDF?

The bookmark is to the PDF itself. I’m not sure I understand when you want me to try to print to PDF.

My ideal workflow would be as I’m browsing the corporate intranet (either through DT, Chrome, or Safari), then I can can save any PDF’s to DT and this would capture the URL and the PDF.

Here’s a little more information:
In DT If I start at the corporate homepage, then I search for the PDF. When I click on the link for the PDF, DT3 gives me " Bad request

Your browser sent a query this server could not understand."

@BLUEFROG Following up, do you want me to try printing in DT3 or in Safari to DT3?