Bananaware:Crashed in less than 30 seconds

The DTTG update crashed in less than 1/2 minute simply by looking at info of some pre synced files…no search or any other complicated operation,( I’m am using the latest iOS)
The first time I heard of "banana ware " was on DT forum explaining why it took so long to release DTTG , ie software that ripens by releasing software that turns customers into beta testers rather than releasing "quality tested"products

We are sorry to hear that you are finding problems with the 1.0.1 update. We need further information on the issue you encountered (OS version, device model, what type of document you viewed when the application crashed, specific steps, etc.) in order to assess the problem and find a solution. The 1.0.1 release was tested prior to submission to the AppStore and from reports on this Forum, has indeed addressed specific issues reported by customers as intended (obviously not all, we are working on rapidfire releases to address the other issues that have been reported).