Basic question-indexing PDFs

I am evaluating DTpro for use in an academic setting. I have a basic application, that I would like to use as a test case.

I have a stack of files that are the lecture notes, PDFs, slides, etc for a course taught by multiple lecturers over the course of the semester. I would like to index all of this material with keywords so that it can be easily searched. Finally, I would like to output this indexed as a single PDF file with the keywords printed, either as an index with page #'s, or with keywords listed at the top of each sub-document.

This seems like it is exactly the sort of thing that should be possible with DT.

I am moving through the various tutorials, etc, but was wondering if someone could point me to a similar scenario in the forums. Alternatively, if someone could offer some direct suggestions on how to approach this, I would greatly appreciate it.


DEVONthink can index, annotate, tag & merge PDF documents but it can’t produce index pages.

Having now spent more time with DevonThink, I can see several ways to compile this sort of keyword list.

I am surprised that there is no way to export an edited keyword list as an index of sorts. That seems like a fairly basic (and useful) application of the technology.

I will keep working at this, and compile some specific questions, as they come up.


You could try scripting it and using "get concordance of record " to get a list of words.