Basic Question re: Making Links

Hi, I last posted in 2006. I am giving DevonThink Personal a trial (actually, that should be: DevonThink Personal is giving me a trial and I am convicted of incompetence) I have imported several PDFs into the DB and I want to create links to Wikipedia. Following the Help Manual (perhaps, not?) I highlighted the word(s) I wanted to link to an explanatory article in Wikipedia and clicked on the Format Menu, located the Make Link option but found it was gray (not active). I spent a few hours like a primitive savage repeating the same failed steps before it occurred to me that maybe I wasn’t up to speed here. Then it occurred to me that maybe these PDFs were not subject to the kinds of modifications I was putting them to. Any help for me?

It’s me again, Homer redux. I just tried keyboarding a paragraph into TextEdit and adding a second paragraph via cut & past and dragged the file into DTP and Voila, ! the Make Link option was active. Sooooo, I guess what I need to do is convert my PDF + Text files to another format using one of the available PDF conversion apps, perhaps the one suggested by DevonTech (don’t have the name in front of me.) Thank y’all for your patience. Be chatting with you soon and probably often during this trial period.

Homer :smiley:


Hope you keep working with DT; it really is a great application.

The forums are the best I have encountered for any application, with both Devonthink programmers and very very knowledgeable users replying quickly and helpfully.