Basic questions - before - using Devon

OK so here I am looking for a database tool to get my two small companies and the files organized.
Tags great idea, search great idea, but then the big BUT…
It seems like a competitor DEVON imports really the files into its supposedly relational database.
Which now brings the following questions and probs for me.

a) I double the size of my document space
b) if I modify and alter a file where will it be altered in the database only?
c) if so how can I share and sync such altered files with others
d) if a and b are true I consequently delete all my existing folders on my Mac because everything is now in the database
e) if I would do d) what happens if this database container or the proggie crashes?
f) is there any chance to relate the database to the existing MAC folders and use the functionality?

Best Bernd

Welcome @balgenbruder

I would suggest reading the built in Help > Documentation > Getting Started and the In & Out > Importing & Indexing sections, as these questions should be answered there, along with plenty of good information about the philosophy and operation of DEVONthink.

Yes, that is an excellent idea - why haven’t I thought about this before.
Will implement this for my products now for the sales strategy.
Through the manual on the desk and tell them to read.
I’ll be back later than and take the order.


Good luck for your future folks I’m out.

Best Bernd

Good luck to you as well! :slight_smile:

TXS to cite an American

I found the harder I work the more luck I had.

Not very popular nowadays though - I am G60+

Best Bernd