batch converting URLs of linked PDFs to saved PDF docs

In Devon Agent I routinely use the control-click to add html pages I want directly to DT.

This works well for straight HTML pages, but now I have hit a batch of linked single page PDFs, one per URL. Using the control click , I know have a long list of these (saved as URLs).

How can I convert these to saved PDF docs in DT without manually opening the PDF, saving each to a folder, and then dragging to DT?

Is this a job I could program Automator to handle?

Sorry of this is a obvious answer … I’m new to the program (but loving it). Thanks.


DA’s Data menu has an “Add to DevonThink” item with several options: HTML, RTF, PDF, etc.

I use this menu to add PDFs constantly. Works great.


Check the example workflows that ship on the distribution image that you downloaded from us, they should help you along by downloading only some URLs from a page.