Batch import results of DA as clutter-free text in DT

I would like to be able to import some of the results that I find with DevonAgent into DevonThink as clutter-free text. What I found in DA is the possibility to batch exports the results summaries or, when opening in the browser, to select one result and use “clip to devonthink” to send to DT a clutter-free version (the summaries do remove some visual clutter, but leaves too much irrelevant text).
Did I miss something or it isn’t possible to “clip to DT” using clutter-free layout multiple results at once? If it’s not possible yet, I’d love to see it in a future release! Even a workaround through scripting would be great!

This isn’t possible yet but a future release of DEVONthink will make this at least scriptable.

I can’t wait for this! Keep up the good work, everyone!

Did this change happen?

Yes, see AppleScript support of DEVONthink (commands create web document from and create PDF document from)

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I am using:
''create PDF document from this_URL name this_title & " (" & this_date & “)” readability pReadability in theGroup

it is working but not “clutter free”. I am still have to do that in DT. Is there a different syntax to use for clutter free? I’m not seeing it.

Just to let anyone who’s following this thread know - changing this line at the start of the script:

property pReadability : true – Apply readability to WebArchive and PDF. Requires DEVONthink 3.

from FALSE TO TRUE accomplished the CLUTTER FREE goal.