Batch Print Word docs to pdf

I have a 100+ word documents in a database that I would like to print to one pdf file. I am using acrobat pro 8, OSX 10.6.1 and mac office 2008.

Any tips or suggestions would be most appreciated.

You could merge them via Data > Merge and print the resulting document to a PDF. However, neither all formatting nor included images won’t survive this conversion.

in Word 2008 if you start with a blank document, use Insert > File to add subsequent documents, and be sure to Insert > Break > Section Break (Next Page) between each document before you insert the next one, then you are able to preserve some formatting. Examine each document before you insert the next one. For example, if you want page numbers to restart with each newly inserted document, you’ll need to adjust headers/footers. The resulting document can then be printed to PDF, etc.

I use Automator for this. Office 2008 ships with automator actions one of which is “Convert Format of Word Documents”. It will batch convert from doc[x] to pdf.