Bates Numbering in Pro Office

I have searched the web site as well as the help menu and I can’t find an option to Bates number documents. Is there a way? If there isn’t a process currently created, does anyone know of an Applescript I could create to Bates number?

I would like to make the file name a part of the Bates number. For example, file name is Smith_John. I want the Bates Number to be Smith_John.000001 and so forth for the entire document and then for all 5000K documents that I am attempting to number.

Any help would be appreciated.

This would be a simple script – but there are a few specs that need clarification for anyone writing it:

  • Are these text files or some other type?
  • You want the document name to be Smith_John.000001 – just so you know, the script could either change the name displayed in DEVONthink (and not change the file’s real extension) or it could change the name and the extension. I assume you don’t want the latter, but your requirement matters to the work.
  • You want to number 5,000 documents – how will you access these? All at once? Are they sorted, or does that matter?
  • Do you want the numbering to always start at 000001 – or to start where the script last left off – or to prompt for the beginning number (the last option is the easiest to deal with)
  • These are PDF documents.
  • Changing the name in DEVONthink is not an issue. Do not want the extension to change.
  • The documents currently reside in my DT database. I want to number them all at once. The sorting is not an issue.
  • The numbering has to start where it last left off or there has to be a way to erase all the numbers and renumber when you docs are added.

“You docs”? (Is that “new docs”?)

This is a bit more complex than I originally thought (the business about starting over again from the beginning), but not a big deal. If I have time to post something in the next few weeks I will – and there’s probably some one (Christian are you there?) who could do something faster for you.

Yes typo, You docs is supposed to read new docs.

  1. You should not use a dot (.) in the name, save before the extension. Use a hyphen or underscore instead.

This is not a trivial matter.

Have you considered looking at options in Acrobat?

Acrobat (or PDFpen Pro) will Bates number pages. I believe the OP wants to Bates number document names.