Be aware of upgrading to Sonoma!


renaming items with certain extensions (e.g. .docx, .numbers, .eml, and maybe more) crashes DT on Sonoma!


Have you reported the crash to DEVONthink Support with the crash log?


According to your ticket the app froze due to slow file coordination but didn’t crash. Are the files indexed files in cloud folders? Enabling the hidden preference DisableFileCoordination (see appendix of help) should fix this until a new version will be available.


That fixes the issue! Great! Thanks!


The issue seems to be only caused by indexed cloud documents which are previewed via Quick Look (e.g. Office, Pages, Numbers, Keynote or emails) but it’s unclear whether it’s a bug of the Quick Look framework or some Quick Look plug-ins on Sonoma. Disabling the preview pane is therefore another possible workaround

OK. Nonetheless, it’s not really clear to me whether enabling the “DisableFileCoordination” setting has any disadvantage for me or not? What exactly does this function do? I can’t make “sense” of the description in the appendix.

Thanks in advance.

Usually this shouldn’t cause any troubles as long as your cloud files are always locally available.