Beginner question, organization using groups and tags and auto apply tag based on parent folder


I just started using DevonThink but am struggling with the organisation of tags and groups.

I have a bunch of research papers on Google Drive, some additional business papers on Dropbox, a lot of notes in Ulysses (stored on Dropbox), I have some personal projects on Google Drive and some business projects on Dropbox. I have imported some folders in DevonThink but most folders are indexed only.

I’ve read the various posts regarding tags and groups and am thinking about the following setup:

  • create one database and add the various folders to it > these will be groups structured in the structure as they are on disk. So there will be a folder Ulysses, a folder Research which links to research papers on Dropbox, etc.
  • I want to use tags to group different folders around the same subject (some are on Dropbox, in Ulysses, Google Drive, etc.) with the same tag, so that all documents about a certain subject can be found using one tag no matter where they are physically located

So I would tag certain documents with a subject, this works fine. However I also have some folders (for example in Ulysses or on Dropbox) where all documents regarding a subject are grouped. I have for example for project A a folder in Ulysses but also a folder on Dropbox. If I tag the folder with the name of the subject the entire folder will be in the tag. But I don’t want the physical structure reflected in the tags. I would like to add a tag to all files within a folder so that the files will be visible in the tag but not the folder itself.

Am I making sense? Will this be a feasible structure?
How can I make it that all items in a certain folder will have a certain tag, so that if I add an item to the folder the tag is automatically applied. Do I need to create a script for this or is this possible using the standard functionality?

Thanks in advance,

I think Smart Rules are what you’re looking for

  • search predicates: kind:any
  • event trigger: on creation
  • action: add tags

After setup run each Smart Rule manually (via context menu) to apply tags to existing documents