Beginner's question-- how do I search for a specific group?

I’m transitioning over from Evernote to DT 3 Pro… I’ve got all of my EN notebooks imported as groups in DT, separated into about 10 different databases. Now I’m trying to sort notes into different groups, but am having trouble because I have a lot of groups in different databases, and it’s a difficult to search through all the groups when trying to move a note into a new group.

In Evernote I would just right click the note > move to… > [find a notebook] and could easily get the note to the right place. I’m looking for a feature like that in DT. Is there a way that I can search for a specific group, i.e. “Heath Care”, across all the open databases, and easily move a note there?


One possibility is the Data > Move To… popover, another one the Tools > Inspectors > See Also & Classify inspector.

Yes the See Also and Classify inspector is what I was looking for! Thanks :slight_smile: