Behavior for Indexing

Before DTP3 index worked differently, in that it wasn’t as tightly integrated with the Finder. Now, it seems that any changed made inside a DT database upon indexed files will make corresponding changes in the Finder.

However, what I am trying to accomplish is indexing a folder in the Finder without any hierarchy (Bookend attachment folder or even Zotero as I am considering switching) and organizing the PDF’s into my file structure in DTP (to better train the AI). It does not seem that this is possible any longer. I’ve read the documentation and looked through the forums, but can’t seem to find a solution to fit what I want to do. I’m hoping that this is doable and I’m just misunderstanding the capability of a hidden preference or something.

If anyone can help with what I’m trying to accomplish I would sure appreciate it.

If I am understanding your want correctly, I don’t think you can have it both ways. Nor do I think that was ever possible. If you index a file system folder (which you view with Finder, not in Finder), inside DEVONthink it will be presented in the same folder structure. Of course, I might be mistaken. The best resource to understand DEVONthink’s indexing is the “DEVONthink Manual”, the “Importing & Indexing” section.

I was afraid of that. I’m not too sure if this was ever possible before either. I just remember that indexing wasn’t as tightly integrated with the Finder in version 2. I’ll comb though the manual again to see if I’ve missed anything. I may just have to keep everything in DTP as the AI is more important to me and I don’t use BE for reading PDF’s anyway. Thanks for your help.

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It was possible in version 2.x but in the end just caused more harm than good, since version 3 indexing is much more tightly integrated with the filesystem .

However, it’s still possible by not indexing the complete folder but only its files instead. Afterwards it’s possible to organize the files in groups without any impact on the filesystem.

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Yet again, wrong. :wink:

Thanks for confirming about version 2, but especially that this is still achievable with version 3. The only downside that I can see is that it will be a largely manual process to keep track of which files I have indexed as there would not be an option to auto update the index with newly added PDFs since I wouldn’t be indexing on the folder level. Thanks again!

Appreciate your willingness to help anyway!