Behaviour of "Find" with search operators

Search operator NEAR isn’t working as expected.

If I search for psychological NEAR disorder, i.e. I get results for psychological and disorder highlighted in text. It isn’t possible to reduce the find result only to NEAR results. Is that normal?

If I found 900 results of “psychological” and 500 results of “disorder” this isn’t what I wanted. So the results are not usable for me. If I search for the phrase “psychological disorder” the phrases search works.

Assuming you’re referring to searching PDFs, searching and highlighting in them is done via PDFKit. You could find isolated instances as well as NEAR matches, like so…

Since version 3.0 proximity operators are actually used by highlighting, even in case of PDF documents. Which version do you use?

I use 3.5, but I search also in HTML/Markdown documents

If there are plenty of the word “hope*” without “expectation” it is problematic, because I have a lot of entries in the right search column and the document is full of highlights which are unimportant.

In case of Markdown/HTML the highlighting doesn’t support proximity operators yet due to limitations of macOS’ WebKit framework unfortunately.