Behaviour of tabs with web pages that failed to load

A minor usability feedback. DT’s inbuilt web-browser behaves slightly different that Safari when it comes to webpages supposed, but failed to load in new tabs in the background. Use case, e.g., is reading a lengthy web article saved into DT while sitting on a train in the middle of nowhere, and you want to follow a bunch of the links provided in the article. In Safari, you would use Cmd-click to open the pages in the background; when offline, Safari would load the pages once you’re back online. In DT however, new tabs with the URL as the title are created; you receive a warning that the page is not available, but there is no chance to tell DT to try to reload the URL once you’re online again or even to just copy the URL.

Thank you for the bug report, the next release will fix this and improve the handling of tabs.

I’d also like to suggest that instead of displaying a modal sheet (I think this is the correct term?) that states twice, “This computer’s Internet connection appears to be offline,” that an advisory message be displayed in the content area of the tab, as a real browser does. I’d like to see this behavior applied to opening a link in a window, too, if the computer is offline.

In other words, replace this, which forces me (after a brief but annoying delay) to hit enter or click OK:

with this, which simply advises me that I’m not online, and does not require any interaction:

Working when offline in DTPO to organize items and being constantly distracted by these model dialogs is a real pain. There’s no real reason that I can see in this case to force the user to dismiss a modal dialog.