Being selective in "See Also"

If one has many earlier drafts of a document one is working on, albeit with slightly different names, they will show up in See Also if one clicks on the current manuscript. Is there a Boolean-Search mechanism for being selective about the See Also returns. Another possibility, I suppose, would be to mark such older drafts so that the AI system doesn’t see them, but would seem counterproductive.

There’s an option in each document’s Info panel to exclude it from See Also consideration.

Thanks Bill, that works. However, it appears that i need to break a long-standing habit of keeping my many, many earlier drafts.

Actually, it’s not so bad. One can have a group called “Old Drafts,” and set its info pane so that it won’t be used for See Also. I believe that applies to the group’s contents, not just the folder itself.

What I did since DTP 2 is having an archive database. The most recent version of my text is in the main database and each time I go to the next level of rewrite I make a copy to the archive. So the older versions won’t fill up my searches or groups. But if I need to find something I miss in the actual version or if I realise that rewriting made it worse I just go to the archive and find it there. And if I don’t know where to search a certain phrase or a name I can easily search simultaneously in both the archive and the main database.


Doesn’t work-- or at least exclude from Search and Classification doesn’t work at the group level (didn’t test See Als). Reported it in another thread as a bug