Benefits of Pro Office vs Pro if you already own ABBYY

I never made the jump to the full ‘Pro Office’ product as I already own a license to ABBYY FineReader Pro - I own a DEVONthink Pro license, (the ‘Info Workers bundle’ with DEVONagent).

Are there any other key benefits (other than the Web Server, which I don’t require) of upgrading to Pro Office considering I already have my OCR needs covered?



There is better email archiving and searching available with with Pro Office. A full comparison chart of the various editions is available at this link.

Thanks for the quick reply Greg. I’ve already gone through the comparison charts on the DEVON website so I was looking more for real world use case scenarios that I might be missing.

Email archiving isn’t of interest as I have other solutions in place. And the comparison charts only highlights email archiving, the web server and OCR as the key differentiators.

I believe in supporting my most used software vendors as much as possible but I also believe in not paying for the same feature twice or paying for features that I don’t use.

Any other differentiators the comparison charts are missing?


Those are the only differences. Sounds like you have all you need with the Pro version.

Thanks Greg.