Best Alternative for TXT-Files


I know that there have been other feature requests like this, but with the recent update and the new MultiMarkdown support, I thought I give this another try.

I’d really like to see a (hidden) preference to use the Best Alternative View as the default for .txt files, not only .md files. (I already know about the existing hidden feature for .md files.)

I understand that this is not useful for everybody and I don’t propose to make this the default for everyone. But it would be nice to have the option.

Thanks a lot,

I am not sure if this is what the OP means, but until this release (which has sorted out markdown extension and web server issues) I created my markdown files as plain text with a .txt extension. Best Alternative View then renders the text files as if they had a markdown extension.

Oh, sorry. I forget to mention this. khw is right, I use .txt files, but write in MultiMarkdown syntax. When I select the Best Alternative, my .txt files are rendered as if they were .md files.

I do this because .txt are universally understood, even by the most basic iOS apps. My workflow consists of some synchronisation of text-files across different OSs and Programs, some of which don’t recognize .md files.

I heartily second this feature request!
(And kindly ask for more information about this “hidden feature” that applies to .md files.)

The hidden preference is documented here:

[url]Put up Example page]

Note that in general Best Alternative is not good for .txt files as most people don’t add two spaces at the end of each line in writing plain text, resulting in the line breaks being screwed up in Best Alternative. So a general preference for having Best Alternative on by default, regardless of file extension, would not be be good for those who only use Markdown in files with a markdown extension.

The next maintenance release will add another hidden preference for this.