Best alternative view for .eml files not working

Hi. Am using Devonthink Pro on Mac OS Big Sur 11.4. I’m finding that when importing .eml files to Devonthink they display OK (but a bit rough) as text alternative view but I’ve tried to switch to Best Alternative and the email headers are there but the body is blank. Mainly. I say mainly because for some strange reason one of my .eml files looks perfect (images, formatting, links etc.) in the the best alternative view. But it’s the only one.

Why would best alternative be blank for most emails but not all?

This view is based on Quick Look. Is the Finder able to display these emails, did you import them from Outlook?

Thanks. Yes I imported from outlook. I am not sure where the emails are stored in Finder. I tried to take a look but all I found were .olk files. Is this the problem? saying that I did try once importing emails from Mail but that didn;t seem to work either.

E.g. use the contextual menu command Show in Finder, afterwards try to display the email via Quick Look.

Thanks. I did show in finder from Devonthink. Some .eml are displayed correctly and some aren’t. Is this the issue then?

I meant with quickview

Unfortunately on the latest macOS releases Quick Look isn’t able anymore to show all emails created by Outlook reliably.

OK yes I see that. I tried importing from mail and this did seem to help. This did seem to allow Best Alternative view however there was no scroll function in Devonthink doing it this way. Is this another limitation of Quick View?

Most likely as it’s not possible to customize Quick Look at all. But actually it’s the first report of its kind, do you experience the scrolling issue also in the Finder?

No if I import .eml into Devonthink from Mail and ‘show in finder’ the email scrolls in quickview.

I’ve also noticed though that I can’t drag and drop emails from Mail straight into Devonthink. I have to drop in another location (e.g. desktop) first and move the file over from there. Not sure if that is something that has been raised previously. This does not seem to be an issue for Outlook where I can drag and drop.

Is DEVONthink allowed to automate Mail?

I don’t think so. I haven’t set anything up in this regard. I usually just drag and drop ones I want to keep into relevant groups.

This should work after enabling it in System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Automation

Thanks. But I see it is already enabled (box ticked).

Which version of DEVONthink do you use?


This works fine over here. Where did you drop the email in DEVONthink?

It seems to be working now. Sorry. Still no scroll with best alternative view though.