Best dpi configuration for scanning documents


What is your recommended resolution (dpi) for scanning documents with DEVONthink ?

I have an EPSON XP-225 and I really don’t know what resolution to pick in order to have well scanned documents that have a correct file size.

I’ve read somewhere that 300dpi it’s a good resolution, but I think you guys know better :slight_smile:

Any tips? Thanks in advance…

300 dpi is fine for regular documents, even 225. If you are only going to read the scans on a computer screen you can go much lower (72 dpi), but if you plan to print the scan later then 300 dpi is adequate.
If they are really small documents and you want to print them at, say double size, then I would scan at 600 dpi, but that would be uncommon.

As @dspady mentioned, 300 is more than sufficient for the majority of cases. 200-225 is also usable in most and generated a smaller file size.

You can always scale down, not up. Also, storage is cheap and plentiful.

Thank you all

I’ll go with 300dpi for the moment :slight_smile: