Best method to clip

What is the best method to clip a webpage?

When I clip with Markdown I don’t get much clipped.

This page

When I clip it, all that gets clipped is this:

Keto Pecan Snowball Cookies (Keto Christmas Cookies)

Clipping content on pages like this is not a simple matter. The content, especially the images, are often downloading on demand form remote resources. They’re also full of javascripts tracking your visits, serving up ads about paw-licking dogs, etc.

Understood. What is the best was to clip on my phone though?
Formatted text on the desktop is ok but I can’t seem to clip on DTTG reliably.

reliability in web captures usually have to do with the sites themselves. I captured a Web Archive, as-is and clutter-free.

But the images are loaded on demand, so the clutter-free option doesn’t necessarily have all the images.