Best practice for sorting / categorizing items?

Hello together,
i only use and have DTTG.

Currently, I just group every type of item into one big group, named “ALL PDFs”, “ALL WebArchives”, “ALL BookMarks”, and so on.

Further categorization happens over tags.

When i add new items, i just move them into those existing groups.

Is this a valid way to go?
Should i better use sub-groups?

Any best practice how to handle and categorize items?

Thank you

If it makes sense to you, I don’t see any particular problem with your current method. If you were using DEVONthink on a Mac (and you should be :mrgreen: :wink: ), it would be a different story.

Now, i use Windows 10 :slight_smile:

Would LOVE to buy DEVONthink*** for this OS!!!

What would be different on a Mac?

:open_mouth: Use a Mac and you’ll see the difference! :mrgreen:

(And yes, I am comfortable on both OSes but I much, much prefer Macs - personally and professionally.)

I think grouping into a few groups and doing everything else with tags makes sense. I personally use at the very moment a scheme where I don’t apply groups for broader categorization at all: Every item goes into the same place and tags do everything - but this scheme might be not final.

Anyway, your groups seem to be a bit obsolete, because DEVONthink has the notion of an item kind. On DTTG you can at least sort by kind.

I’d use the groups rather for item content-related cauterization like home, work or whatever.

Hope this helps.

Rather than keep anything permanently in the Inbox, I have a group folder and sibling group folders with numerous smart folders for specific matters. The group folder name is prefixed 00 - so that is always at the top when sorting A-Z.

For example, in my Investment database:


00 - Topic

Where items are specific to a group subject, I put the smart folder(s) in that particular group because using the group to add common tags to each item is quicker.

For non-specific items I use smart folders, the same name(s) as a group folder. Where I want the smart folder to filter specific entries I tag the entry and set up the smart folder accordingly.

(Apologies: my comments refer to DTPO: I am assuming DTTG allows same/similar?)

Actually, DTTG2 doesn’t (yet) support local Smart Groups, but thanks for the input on how you organize in DEVONthink.

Yes, I named them mostly after the default categories for different item types :smiley:

The alternative, letting them just in the Inbox, does not realy work for me - with hundreds and thousands of items, this would get ugly soon.

Also, as long as DTTG has no way to select all items that were delivered by a search, you can get into serious problems :wink:

Now, originally, my PDFs were sorted in folder hierarchies.
But sadly, DTTG does not support importing from a zip file - so I needed to import folder by folder and lost the hierarchy I had already, including the thematic separations.
I tried to add a bit of the most important topics with tags.

It seems, I now need to rebuild everything again with groups and subgroups.
Sad thing.


Sadly, DTTG seems to miss many things :confused:
Hopefully, that changes.

So, without smart groups, I am going to try some new, basic groups in addition to tags.

Will think an report :mrgreen:


Does anyone know when DTTG will allow users to use smart folders?

I understand it takes a while to make these things happen…

I use my page to group my DTTG clipped files by topic, and the labels to prioritize them. I use smart folders in DTP to collect files by topic, and then I sort them by priority - labels.

Any suggestions on what to do in lieu of this approach in DTTG?


Sorry but we can’t say when local smart groups will be available in DTTG.

There isn’t a complete solution to what you’re trying to do, as the technology and interface in DTTG is not 1:1 with DEVONthink (much of it dictated by the device and iOS experience). If you use the Labeled global smart group, you could show files segregated by label color. But note the view isn’t sortable or independently searchable.

Hi Jim,
Thanks for your reply, and your help.

Can you explain what you mean by the “Labeled global smart group”? Is that something that exists within the Global Inbox of DTTG, provided one sets it up? Or do you meant the “Labeled global smart group” that I set up?


On the Home screen of DTTG, press the Edit link and you’ll see global smart groups that can be enabled / disabled by touching them. Press Done when you’ve made your choices.

Got it! Thanks so much, Jim! Really appreciate it…

Quick feature request: I kindly request that DEVONthink include an option to include labels for DTP’s clipping menu.

As I explained, I’ve been using labels as way to prioritize reading material or to mark if it needs to be opened in another app or some other function. So, being able to label files in DTP, as one can do in DTTG, would be really helpful.

Thanks again!

You’re welcome. The request is noted. Cheers!