Best Practice for using two Macs

I am using Devonthink on my main Mac, but installed it also now on my second seat (Macbook). I can easily setup sync for my databases. Is there any best practice on how to sync settings? I’d like to change those settings only once.

Best Practice would be do as documented in the DEVONthink manual (same content as in Help). If both machines in the same local network, use Bonjour.

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You can check out this post as well…

OK, i was not precise enough. Data Sync is fine and I managed that also in the past. I am asking on DEVONthink settings itself. Such as Font Settings, Colors, Labels, Import Settings, etc.

Ahh… Not at this time, no you can’t sync preferences between machines. It’s technically possible to transfer the preferences between machines but there’s more than just a simple preference file involved. Allowing syncing preferenes between machines is on our list of potential future improvements.