Best practice to share files in DT3 across Macs

I have two laptops (roughly “work” and “personal”) where I have DT3 installed, and it’s generally just fine.

Once in a while I do notice skew, which is all my fault, because e.g. I closed one after editing a Tinderbox doc in it. Then I continued in the other one unawares, until I realized what happened, and did some sort of copy-cut-paste to reconcile changes, a bit painful.

Is there a “good checkpoint” that I can do to assure myself that I’ve done the right thing w.r.t. syncing? (E.g. can I assume that clicking “Synchronize …” once will guarantee that the changes are propagated to the remote store?)

So you closed a database, finished editing a Tinderbox document, then opened the database, and manually synced?

Well, I didn’t do any of the opening and closing, so I probably put it in a bad state, but it’s all good now.

I’m just trying to confirm whether my plan to “in the future, always hit Synchronize” is the right one.

Sync should happen on a regular interval when set to Automatic, but there’s no harm in being in the habit of doing a manual sync.

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