Best Practice: WikiLinks and Label?

I am using WikiLinks to summarize article links of my DT web-clips.

  • create a rich text document in the same group/folder of web-clips;
  • use square brackets for WikiLinks automation;

A few places for clarification:
1- is there a way to also use Label in WikiLinks in addition to doc-name? e.g. as sorting category
2- is there a way to lock certain document on top of the group/folder? i.e. this “article links” document
3- when the WikiLinks is generated, perhaps better to disappear the square brackets
4- input of Chinese is not supported well during WikiLinks input [[, have to copy/paste item link manually

Thanks for helpful thoughts and comments.

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This isn’t possible.

Only groups can be kept on top (see Preferences > General) but you could also use unsorted sorting (see View > Sort).

I wonder whether WikiLinks are actually the best option in this case or whether cross-links (see Insert Link To submenu of contextual menus or Edit > Copy Item Link or Edit > Insert Link To…) are a better alternative. Cross-links don’t require enclosing square brackets and still work after renaming the target document.

Thank you @cgrunenberg, I learn a few thing more :slight_smile:

In the meanwhile, WikiLinks seems like a good potential when drafting document to interlink database items, auto-generated links feels better and faster during input.

Such as sticky-post, that certain items remain at top, when Sorting other items in the group.

That is a great idea.

In my case, I would use a “pinned” file aka dashboard with all the [[]] links to the content in the folder.

@cgrunenberg please consider “pin” functionality for your long list of user wishes!