Best Practices for DT and Dropbox Management

Hi Everyone,
I have just upgraded to DT 3 - I’ve had DT for a while but not used it because I ran into sync issues. I’m incredibly impressed with it and want to make sure I follow best practices for file management.
I’ve read the help docs, Take Control of DT, and Smart notes with DT and I’m trying to work out what is the best way to sync using DB.
Mostly I use a desktop, but when travelling I use a laptop. I’m anticipating that my database will grow quickly and would like recommendations on how to handle this - ideally (I think) I’d like to import everything to DT then host the databases on DB so that he two macs can access the latest version of everything.
Can this be done?
Should it be done?

Welcome @Debra
Glad you’re enjoying DEVONthink so far.

No that cannot and should not be done. You should never put your DEVONthink databases in any cloud-synced location of you could irreparably damage them.

Check out the Help > Documentation > In & Out > Sync section for the philosophy and processes for syncing.

Thank you @BLUEFROG.
Does that mean that my database size is limited by the size of my hard drive?

Yes or the size of an external drive, if you choose to locate a database you create on one. However, I’d estimate the average database size would only be in the 25GB range.