Best practices?

I’ve been using DTPO for many years with a ScanSnap scanner. I primarily use it as a way to log paper records for later retrieval without having to dig out the paper. I also take scans of paper in the field with my iphone, and send it to DTPO.

I understand that DTPO can be used for many more things, but whenever someone posts a questions about strategies for using the app, the answer comes back “it depends,” without shedding any real light.

Here are some things I’m contemplating; perhaps you can give me some advice:

I have hundreds of PDF files for research. I just keep them in a big folder, and use Spotlight to search for a title when I need it. Could this be better handled by DTPO? Is indexing somehow better than the process I’m currently using?

I take a lot of notes, and often am tracking several files for each project. Could DTPO help with that?

Thanks for your help,

Perhaps first step would be reading the e-book “Take Control of DEVONthink” which is freely available on DEVONTechologies’s web site.

Thanks, that sounds like a good idea.