best practise to avoid "Unusual traffic" from Google?


I see that Google is more and more “allergic” when I use DA for some intense searches.
IP is blocked: “Unusual traffic from your computer network”
From my view it’s really note a mass attack on google, but it seems that Google has a different view here.

Any best practise from you how to avoid this block?

And how to get “unblocked”

I also find it hard to identify that Google blocks your search when you just use DA. Next to checking the log for zero links in a google search, is there any way to make this more visible?


Is the option to ignore Robot instructions disabled? Then this shouldn’t happen usually as long as you’re not performing lots of searches concurrently. Are you able to easily reproduce this?

I just checked it and the button for ignoring robots te´tx is cheched.

I “unchecked” it and will try again, so far it had secßveral blocks even with "sammler searches

I just performed a search from a different IP then usual, 6000 hits on that one search with 500 result.
Switching to google after that search is completed brings me again to the capture point on the google search page.

Same in the office when we have daily runs of smaller searches…

I believe using a VPN does not really help here, as these anonymous IP’s are probably already on the google list.

Any best practise here?


Which search set/plugin and search term do you use? Or do you use a customized set/plugin? Finally, is the option to ignore Robot instructions disabled?

See attachments for the search set

I can not upload the set incl. the terms into a public forum, will send it you via mail


Thanks! My first guess would be that the set is using too many Google plugins and that’s causing the troubles.