Best way for me to import photos

I often want to import images I took from books (like diagrams etc.), but before
importing I want them to be converted to b&w, converted to png and resized.

At the moment I take a picture with my IPhone, crop it, copy it from the photos app on my Mac to my desktop and move it to an automator app for the b&w/resize conversion. The automator app then moves it to the DT3 Inbox.

Has anyone any suggestions for me on how make this process easier?

Thank you!

How does the Automator workflow look like currently?

What I do now for this sort of thing, and it may not be the “best way”, but it is a way that works well for me without a lot of extra automation development and trying-to-remember-how-the-automation-works issues that sometimes happens.

  1. On my iPhone I use the app “Scanner Pro” ‎Scanner Pro: PDF Scanner App on the App Store (others may work also) to scan the image. I pick what I want from color, b&w, photo, or grayscale.

  2. Crop as necessary. Press edit button to resize to whatever I want (I have a template or remembering a custom size), other edits if wanted. Save.

  3. Share with DEVONthink ToGo picking my preference format (PDF or JPEG). It then syncs with DEVONthink where I would move it into the database of choice. Also, if more image work necessary I’d do that in the appropriate tool, often using Pixelmator to maybe turn it into PNG for pasting into a document. Or just leaving it alone.

Of course I can think of ways to further automate this, but the above works for me and is pretty simple.

That’s a very good idea. Thank you!
I don’t even have to save the file before sharing it to DEVONthink ToGo.


If you really want to get into automated processing of photos and images, check out ImageMagick
which is free “open source” at :

It’s been around for a very long time and very useful if you have the need. I used it years ago for some specific need we had, but today I can rely on the simple process above capturing images to be used in my writing.