Best way to automate email backup?

I have been using mailsteward for my email backup because setting up a script has been so straightforward. However I recently brought a year’s worth of emails into Devonthink Pro Office as I was closing an imap account and I have been very impressed with how much easier it is to manage/search/smart organise an email archive in devonthink compare with mailsteward.

However… setting up an automatic backup of mailboxes does not seem at all easy. Am I missing something?

What exactly do you mean by “automatic backup”? If that refers to automatically importing new messages from Mail, I would suggest using a Mail Import rule, an example can be found in the Extras folder of the distribution image.

I mean by automatic that at a set interval, mailboxes in mail are checked and new emails copied across to the correct groups in devonthink.

I find the second part of that (synchronising a mailbox and a group in devonthink) quite hard to do correctly (seems to make new groups each time i import email).

Generally I could do with step by step instructions from someone who is managing to do it.

If you use the MailImport window, you’ll have the most control over where the Mail is being deposited.

In general: if you import data inside DEVONthink it ends up in the currently selected group. If you send data from outside DEVONthink to it ends up in the location you designated in the Import preference pane.

But you could use replicants on the parent groups to where you want it. That way you can organise it the way you want without having to reorganise every time.

sorry, i’m a novice. could you explain more on how to set up this automatic archive of email folders from apple mail? thanks!