Best way to change file names of imported PDFs

Can I ask what is felt to be the quickest way to change filenames of PDFs after they have been imported into DTPO (ie from the default date-related name). It is fiddling to have to highlight the name and overtype each time. I also use Microsoft Expression Media (previously called Iview Media Pro) as a Jpeg database for photographic images. In its thumbnail view it is possible to click on the filename of one image, type the new name, then press TAB and it will move to the next image name, automatically highlighted and ready to overtype. Thus it is possible to change individual names one after the other with just one keystroke (TAB) in between. I am not aware of anything as easy as this in DTPO, but I may have missed something. Grateful for advice on this (PS I am not talking about batch changes here as I want appropriate individual names for each file, but just want to deal with a whole lot one after the other)

I download quite a few PDF files of presentations. The titles usually aren’t very descriptive, so I usually use the “set title” function.
Highlight the text in the file that you want to use as name, right-click and use the “set title as” menu function. Works like a charm.
One issue though, I have a few PDF files, where this method results in things being double, no idea what’s wrong there, as it doesn’t happen most of the time.

Is the title or subject property of the imported/downloaded PDF documents available (see Properties panel or “Additional Info” in Info Panel)? Then a script could use this to automatically rename the files.

Yes I can see that the “Set Title as” could be useful in some circumstances and is a good idea. However I feel that if a scheme like I indicated above (as is used in Microsoft Expression Media) could be employed also in DTPO it would be a considerable timesaver in renaming files and I would like it considered as a suggestion for future versions for DTPO