Best way to get gmail messages into DT?

I rely on Activeinbox in gmail for organization, so I can’t use apple’s Mail client which interfaces well with DT. However, I frequently need to import gmail messages into notes in DT.

The way I do it now is to forward the gmail message (I don’t actually send it to anyone, just open the forward message window) and copy all text. This gives me a header with the subject line, date, sender and recipients followed by the text of the email. I then paste the text into a note in sorter. Then I change the first line to a headline that will become the name of the note (this is also not possible when I import messages directly in DT from Mail - the filename is the subject of the email, which I don’t want). I tag the note, save it, delete the forwarding message in gmail, and move on.

This works ok, but is cumbersome. Does anyone else have a workflow to import gmail messages (including text, subject, date, etc) rapidly into DT that is better?

Thanks in advance!